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“In the Playroom” by Canadian photographer Johnathan Hobin

a boy in a white suit in a children room

Look at these photos. They make us think. This is a photo project In the Playroom by Canadian photographer Johnathan Hobin. He has made a series of photos named In the Playroom where children play games after having watched the TV. This project is about the problem if the children have to watch TV? There are lots of bad news, disasters and deaths. These are not just fairy-tales with good ends. So Johnathan proposed us to see how mass media influence children’s mind. To make kids more optimistic we should pay attention to their interests and to spend more time with them playing different games, drawing, reading and walking outside.

two boys playing planes with the twins towers

children in a halloween room

children in the bath

children with toy tigers

a girl like a doctor in a playroom

children playing cowboys

a girl like a miss beauty in a playroom

a bald-headed girl in a playroom

a boy near the swimming-pool

four children on the playground

children in he playroom