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Incredible photos of Alice Lewis

A girl looks like Marie Antoinette

This is a story of a little girl, who was adopted at the age of seven by the creative photographer’s family. The girl decided to change her name to Alice Lewis (do you remember the famous character of the book by Lewis Carroll?) So, we will show you several wonderful pictures of Alice, a talented model and actress of nine years old. Her mother, Kelly Lewis, creates incredible photos, making different images and fabulous decorations. The girl expresses herself with a modelling talent and incredible personality in front of the camera. And the result of the co-working is great. Enjoy these photos and have a nice day. 

The girl looks like Alice in Wonderland


Carrie White



The girl looks like Edward Scissorhands


India Stoker

The giel looks like Joan of Arc

A mother and a daughter

Little Miss Muffet

Margot Tenenbaum

Porcelain Dolly

The Summoning

Wonder Woman