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Jason Lee – a Creative Father

Jason Lee is a famous American photographer.  He became popular for the photos of his daughters Kristina and Kyla. Every week he posted these photos I his blog and with years it turned into a huge project. The main characters of it were the girls. Jason calls them  “a big K and a little K”.


His firs works were quite usual. He just made shots of the girls in their ordinary life.  He did it for his wife, who had no ability to see them in the real life. But soon he tried to make the photos more positive to please her. And he managed it.



All the shots seem to look like the professional ones, but the creative father never learned how to do it. He learned from his own practice.  He uses neither special equipment, nor advanced cameras, still his photos are astonishing.


Jason devotes all his free time to make shpts of his daughters.  The whole process of making photos doesn’t take much time. Though, the process of preparation and explanation is really time-taking. Jason says that sometimes it can be rather difficult to explain the girls what he wants to see. Moreover they can’t work long and need breaks.  Nevertheless he derives great pleasure from this process.




Judging by the smiles on the girls’  faces, they also like it very much.

To be continued…

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