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Like father, like son

A man and a baby with knitted beards

Hi there! How are you today?

We have prepared an amazing collection of kids’ photos “Like father, like son”. Everyone knows that children love their parents very much and they try copying everything their father and mother do. Girls usually follow their moms’ behavior, but boys look up to their dads. We have already shown you daughters and mothers duos, now the turn of the men. Look at these photos. They are so cute. Fathers and their sons can play together and they look the same. It’s such a fun. Enjoy our collection and have a nice day!

A bearded man and his son

A father and a son are shaving

The son is on the father's shoulders

Father and a son making faces

Father and his son are posing

Father and his son on the tractors

Dad and his son making faces

A father and his son are playing games

Father and his son

Father and his son plaing with brows

A father and a son sleeping in the same pose

A father and a son are sleeping

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