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Little babies and big dogs are best friends

A little baby and a big dog

Today we want to show you cute photos of little kids with their big dogs. In spite of their size, giant dogs can be wonderful friends for the whole family. They love and protect the children they live with. These photos can show that dogs and kids love each other and look wonderful together. Pets can teach your child be responsible and confident. They can be good friends.  But, certainly, not all the big dogs can be good for the families with children. Herders or guard dogs are not perfect. Do you have a dog?

A boy and a dog on the road

A girl and a black and white dog

A girl is playing doctors with the dog

A huge dog and a little baby

A child and a dog are at the door

A baby and a dog are at the window

A baby and two dogs are sleeping

A baby is sitting at the big dog

A baby and a big dog are looking out of the window

A big black dog and a baby

A little kid and a big fluffy dog

A girl and a dog

A baby is lying on the dog

A dog and a newborn