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“Little bakers” by Mikel Muruzabal

Six bakers are eating the bread

Look at these adorable pictures! They are so cute and positive. All these photographs were made by a talented Spanish photographer Mikel Muruzabal for a calendar for Berlys Bread Company. Every snapshot is full of different emotions and funny details. The children play a game, they behave themselves like real bakers and have a great pleasure. Mikel is a wonderful photographer. He feels his models and can create real masterpieces. Taking photos of children is not easy, but Mikel has made it perfect. Mikel Muruzabal is a fashion, advertising and architecture photographer based in Pamplona and Barcelona, Spain.

A boy and a girl are siftong the flour

A boy and a girl are keeping a basket with bread

A boy with a big spade

A girl and a lot of loafs of bread

The boy makes soft tack

Two boys are making dough

A girl is making a pie