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Little fashionistas

A boy near the telephone box

Kids, the photos of which, we have collected, are for sure the most stylish on their playgrounds. They wear trendy pieces from head to toe, have fashionable haircuts and they behave themselves like grown-ups. This tendency can be seen in different social networks and publics. Certainly, their parents help them in choosing and combining the outfits, and, in most cases, these children look adorable but more like adults.

People argue this point. Some of them believe that it is really cool to look like this and the children can learn how to look awesome. Others  think that children should have happy childhood, play games, run, jump and behave like other kids not thinking about trends and style.

And what do you think about it? How does it affect the child’s psyche? Do you want to dress your kids like this?

A little stylish girl

A lid near the bicycle

A boy wearing glasses

a stylish boy

A boy wearing a cool outfit

A boy wearing tredny straw hat

A giel wearing a fedora hat and sunglasses

A boy looking fashionably

A little fashion lover

A boy wearing stylish sunglasses

A boy wearing a cool cap

Stylish baby wearing big glasses

Lille fashionista

A stylish girl wearing knitwer

A girl at the wall

A boy wearing a bow

A stylish kid with a print on his t-shirt