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“Little Girl and Tomcat” by Andy Prokh

a camera, a girl, a cat

Russian photographer Andy Prokh has made an amazing project “Little Girl and Tomcat” where his little daughter Katherine (who is four now) and a grey British Shorthair cat called LiLu Blue Royal Lady are shot. The photoes are black and white and this gives them wonderful charm. The images are so beautiful. When you have a look at all the photos you understand that they are real friends and it seems that all the activities: play, eat, read books and even sleep they do together.

a girl, a cat

a cat, a girl, mice, a pipe

a girl with a hat, a cat, parachute

a girl and a cat, playing chess

a girl, a cat, a telescope, a planet

a girl playing the pipe, a cat

a cat, a girl reading a book

a girl playing the computer, a cat, a book

a girl eating the apple, a cat

a girl, a cat