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Little prince by Matej Peljhan

a little boy swimming, socks, fish, diving

Luka is a 12-year-old boy who can’t ride a bike or roller-skates, run like children of his age, he even can’t eat by himself or walk because he has muscular dystrophy. The only thing he can do without helping is to move his fingers a little.  But a Slovenian photographer  Matej Peljhan brings Luka’s dreams to reality, having taken a series of photos named “Little prince”. Luka is the main character of these imaginative adventures, and he can take part in the activities he can’t do in his real life. He can jump and swim and run around in the made-up world. To realize such dreams Peljhan makes all photos changing  the perspective and using different technologies.

a computer, a boy, balls

a sketeboard, a little boy, cars

a boy playing basketball, a ball, a basket

a boy flying with a baloon, a red baloon

a boy standing on the head, a boy dancing

a boy, stairs, climbing up