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“Matryoshka Dolls” by Anna Levankova

Byelorussian  photographer Anna Levankova has recently presented the series of photographs  called “Matryoshka Dolls”. There she shot baby models dressed Russian national costumes.

babushka dollsThe wooden dolls, of decreasing size placed one inside the other and dressed bright garbs with and shawl on the heads are one of the main  of the Russian national symbols. Sometimes they are called Babushka dolls.


Anna is a young photographer. She graduated from the Minsk State Art college and in2009 became the winner of Byelorussian photocontest  “ Photo Digital Drive”

a handsome russian boy:)

“Photography for me is not either a job or a hobby. Its my life.

girls with the shwls


I often ask the questions and  sometimes find the answers by the photos.

laughing babygirl

I  try to understand  the  outward things and myself. I suggest thinking with them,“ –  Anna tells.


Everyone has his own way in the art. I’m looking for mine.

sleeping baby

All the photos are very bright and funny. The babies depicted there with love and grate tenderness.

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