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Mothers and daughters

Mother and daughter wearing white dresses are on the bike

Look at these fabulous pictures. They are so cute. They depict mothers and daughters who love each other very much. The relationships among them are very special. The daughters often want to look like their mothers and copy out their gestures and style. Children learn how to act in different situations, looking at their parents reactions. In addition, they study various positions and sense of style. These photos show daughters who look up to their mothers and they do it in a special and wonderful way.  Mother and daughter are grimacing

Mother and daughter are showing their bellies

Mother helps her daughter to do makeup

Mother and daughter are showing their tummies

Daughter and Mother are wearing hair-rollers

Mother and daughter drew out their lips

mother anddaughters are making faces

Daughter and mother are lifting their legs

Daughter copies mother's style

Mother and daughter are showing their tongues and making selifies