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Napping trio – Beau, Theo and Evangeline

Theo, Beau amd evangeline sleeping

Hello, everyone! How are you today?

We want to raise your mood a little and to show you several very cute photos of sleeping kids and their dog. Some months ago we showed you some photos of a little boy Beau and his puppy Theo, a duo which usually naps together everywhere. Today we want to tell you that this cute team has a new member. This is Beau’s little baby sister Evangeline. She is very little and the photos of this sleeping trio are so marvelous and cute. Do you agree?

Three napping friends

A boy, a baby girl and a dog

Sleeping trio

Theo, Beau and Evangelina

A boy, a girl and a funny fog

Sleeping friends

A dog and a sleeping baby

Beau, Eva and Theo

Sleeping children and a dog

Napping trio