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Nina Maria Kleivan and her series of photos “Potency”

a baby, Hitler

Danish artist Nina Maria Kleivan is not a usual photographer. She likes to dress her baby up as the most terrible leaders in the world like Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and many others. Nina dresses her daughter as various dictators to show that everyone was a baby at the beginning. There is a choice for everybody to be good or evil. And the responsibility is the person’s alone. This project titled “Potency” arouses mixed feelings. On the one hand the series of photos is interesting and original, but on the other hand the is not associated with evil. If not to notice this fact the photos are amazing.

a baby, a suit, a cap

a baby, a black suit

a little baby, yawning

a baby, a black cap

a baby, white trosers

a baby, Stalin

a baby girl

a baby, a black suit