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Parisian children by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

children with the umbrella

These wonderful paintings depict the life of French children in the beginning of the twentieth century. The author of them is a French painter Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1933). He pictured Parisian life, its streets, cafes, boulevards and of course, its people. His pictures show beautiful men, women and adorable children. You can see different children playing in the street, walking or having dinner. They all are merry and happy. All the paintings are very bright and detailed. Victor Gilbert’s paintings are well-known all over the world. He was a great impressionist. So, now you can see some of his works depicting amazing children. Enjoy!

two girls playing with a baby

children playing with a goat in the field

children playing musical instruments in the street

a little girl helping a woman with flowers

a girl and a boy having dinner

a girl is going to feed goats

a big girl showing grapes to the little girls

a girl is showing the picture on the wall to a little boy

two children are training a dog