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Pictures of babies a hundred years ago

Black and white photos of the beginning last century show us the real life of people then. And of course these old pictures tell about children, their lives, toys, habits and wishes.


We see that they had simple toys, plain clothes and anxious eyes. Most of the pictures are made in the poor families.



The children’s poverty in the USA was three times higher than in Australia and Canada and five times more than in France and Netherlands in the beginning of the last century.



It was explained not only by the average income of the families but also the majority of one-parent- families. In the most cases it was the mother who couldn’t feed and bring up the children on her own ion the high level.



The next fact is the origin. The poor children mostly were from the Indian and black races.



Also some explorers consider the source of crisis at the beginning of the 20 the century in the lack of “marriageable” men. They meant to have a well-paid job, the regular income and willing to spend money for children and family.



To the 1940s when the Programme of Emergency Assistance started working in the, most states of the USA, there were quite a lot of the children with sad faces and empty wallets.