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Realistic paintings by Tom Sierak

a boy and a poodle

Have a glance at these pictures. They are so realistic, aren’t they? The author of these pastel paintings is an American artist Tom Sierak. His pictures depict the American social life. Tom’s works are well-known all around the world, they are used in many posters, cards and magazines. The children in his pictures are amazing, they play around and have fun. All the pictures are very bright and full of positive emotions. They can bring you to the world of happiness and present you minutes of pleasant viewing. Enjoy such wonderful works!

a boy is sleeping on the dog

a woman holds a little girl above her head

a child is playing on the sand

a boy is sitting at the seashore

the girl is on the boy's back to take the cookies

children are making a snowman

a man pointing the ship and two boys

a girl and an old woman making the patchwork

a boy and a dog singing