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Santa Claus and happy kids

Santa Claus with a girl

Hi there! Today we want to show you a collection of amazing photos of children and Santa Claus. It is very positive and cute. These pictures are happiness and miracles. Santa Claus is a legendary figure and the children from all over the world are eager to meet him. They tell him all their wishes and dreams. And Santa promises to fulfil them all. The meeting with this magician people remember for all their lives. It’s so cute. We hope you’ll like these photos.

Santa Claus and 2 kids

Santa Claus and little kids

Santa Claus and happy children

Santa and a little boy

Santa and kids

Santa and smiling kids

Santa and a boy

Santa and two merry kids

Santa and a little girl

Santa and a baby

Santa Claus and two stylish boys

Santa is reading a book to the kids