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“Smoking Kids” by Frieke Janssens

a little girl, a cigarette

After Belgain photographer Frieke Janssens had seen the video of  the video of baby chain smoking in Indonesia she decided to create a provocative series of photos “Smoking Kids”. For these photos she has dressed children four to nine year olds in retro costumes wishing to show the golden age of cigarette culture. The cigarettes themselves are made of candle, chalk, cheese and incense. With this shocking series Frieke Janssens just wants to bring awareness to a viral epidemic of children smoking.

a black girl, smoking, sigarettes

a Chinese boy, a boy smoking. a cap

a boy, a fashion costume, a cigarette

a girl, a sweater, smoke, a cigarette

a little girl, a cigarette, a coat, smoking

a black girl, a hood, a cigarette

a smoking child, a cigarette, a girl

a beautiful girl, a cigarette, smoke

a black boy, a cigarette, smoking, a jacket

a girl. smoke, a cigarette

a smoking boy, smoke, a cigar