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Summer holidays by Henry Hintermeister

the boy is writing a composition

We offer you to see the vintage illustrations by a famous American painter Henry Hintermeister (1897-1972). The children are so funny in these pictures. There is so much positive energy in his works. They leave nobody indifferent. All the pictures are about summer holidays, when children come to see their grandparents. It’s such a pleasure to see the friendship between old men and their grandchildren. The pictures are like small situations or even stories. All the pictures say that you have to be positive at any age, and the children give us the force.

an old woman and two boys looking through the gate

a woman and two boys

a boy is testing the water with his elbow

two children are eating the water-melon

a boy is boxing with an old man

an old man and a boy are looking for worms

a boy is milking the cow

a boy and an old man are fishing

a boy, a calf and a dog