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“Summertime” by Izabela Urbaniak

Two boys on the haystack

This is an amazing collection of black and white photos “Summertime” by a Polish photographer Izabela Urbaniak. She often takes photos of her little kids. That’s why she has decided to make such wonderful series of photos. Many children usually spend their free time sitting near the computers or TVs. But these pictures are about idyllic vacations in which children spend in the countryside. The kids play with cats and dogs, run, swim and play different games. Such days, when people are free from the creature comforts are marvelous, and, for sure, they are very happy. Children will remember these moments for the whole life.

A child is running along the field

Children on the road

Kids in the hammock

Children are trying to pick the apples

A girl is skipping

A boy and a dog looking through the fence

Two boys and a little puppy

A child is diving

Three children on the log

A girl and a puppy

A tired boy

Two kids have come out of the water

Children are fishing

A girl is hugging the black puppy

2014-10-25 11:23:39
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