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Sweet babies by Charlotte Becker

a little baby with a toy duck

Charlotte Becker (1907 – 1984) was a wonderful artist. Her works are so amazing. She has illustrated many children books, magazines, cards and advent calendars. The babies in her pictures are so cute and sweet. All of them have bright eyes, rosy cheeks and plump lips. Charlotte Becker’s paintings are being sold all over the world and they are kept by many collectors.

a sweet baby

a woman and a baby

a baby in a bath

a baby, a bed, toys

two babies, bottles of milk

two babies, a boy and a girl

a baby speaking on the phone, a dog

a baby with a teddy-bear, a yellow teddy-bear

a baby sleeping, a baby in a bed

Sharon Foster
2015-03-09 18:54:04
I have a 1941 Advertising Calendar printed by Brown and Bigelow. The picture has been signed by Charlotte Becker. The name of the picture is Safe and Sound. The picture of a child in bed and a St. Bernard sitting next to the bed. I can't find it on any sites. Can you help. Thank you