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“Sweet Bambini” by Maria Murray

a baby sleeping, a baby in a red hat, a baby in a basket

These sleeping babies are so sweet. Maria Murray  is the photographer  who has made such wonderful pictures.  But just ten years ago she was a Mortgage broker till she got professional photos of her baby and didn’t like the result. And now she is one of Britain’s best baby portrait photographers. She makes photos of celebrities and even the royal family calling on her ideas. She tries to show the beauty of all children using all sources of photography. Her talent is  so great and the children on her photos are so cute.

a baby sleeping in the hand, a baby

a sleeping baby, a red hat

a baby sleeping in the basket, a hat

a baby sleeping, a green cover, a baby in a green hat

a baby sleeping

a sleeping baby, a smiling baby, a baby in a hat

a sleeping baby, a blue hat

a baby, a baby sleeping, a piece of wood, a green hat

a little baby, a hat like an owl, a basket

a happy baby, a smiling child, a baby sleeping

a little baby, a red hat, a basket