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Sweet Children by Maud Humphrey

Maud Humphrey is a beautiful American artist and illustrator. She was born in the rich family in Rochester, New York.

Maud Humphrey' group of children


She was very proud of her wealthy family because she always signed her works with her family name.

red riding hood

From the age of 12 she started learning the drawing in the most famous artists’ school.

a little witch

After school she became an advertising illustrator and later- the head artist in the women’s journal.

a doctor

One of the main themes in her oeuvre was the children’s world.


The artist depicted different scenes from the children’s life, but sometimes it just showed what happened in the adult’s world.


Her pictures are bright and juicy and they are full with the life joy.

praying girl


She often drew her small son – a future star of Hollywood – Humphrey Bogart and even used his portrait in the baby food advert and earned a great sum of money.

fallin doll

But she never was a lovable, kind mother.

with a donkey


She didn’t want to share her love with something but drawing.

Maud Humphrey's childrenHer children always wanted to have not a wealthy famous artist at home but a real loving mother.

Maud Humphrey's girl