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Sweet Dreams

What can be more pleasant , pacifying and placatory than the view of a newborn baby? It is a baby asleep.


The baby’s sleep is so sweet, calm and fragile. Babies  need to sleep to rest themselves, to work the new information through and to grow up. This is why they spend so much time in this condition.


Observing a sleeping baby it is possible to mention smiles or some moves. What kinds of dreams do they see? There is a wide-spread point of view that in their dreams they see angels. According to another-familiar faces and voices.

A child can fall asleep practically everywhere when it is the right time. Sometimes they can take rather quaint and funny  poses.


These positions can be so amazing that one starts wondering whether it is convenient so sleep this way. The answer is simple. If a child sleeps, then yes, this position is quite comfortable.


Some babies are such sleepyheads that they fall asleep while doing something.


They can sleep even  while sitting in a chair.



Most children like to sleep with their favorite toys.


And some have their favorite items or pets.


This young man is very fond of TV.



And this baby seems to like running shoes.