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Tender paintings by Tatiana Struchkova

a woman and her baby

Do you like poems? The pictures we have prepared for you today are very similar to them. These paintings are by a wonderful Russian artist Tatiana Struchkova. She depicts the shades of human feelings. She works in a classical style. Tatiana was born in 1968 in Orenburg and now lives and works in Moscow. Her paintings are very delicate and beautiful. They are exhibited in different galleries in France, Germany, Japan, Norway and Holland. Tatiana Struchkova likes painting women and their children. She shows the joys and sorrows of different people, that’s why her works are so beautiful and full of tender.

a picture of the boy

two girls at the table

a girl with paper figures in her hair

three boys playing football

a boy with a paper plane

a woman and a girl at the table