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The Baby Carriage’s History

The first baby carriage, which is called “buggy” in England, was created in 1733 by a famous landscape designer William Kent.

Mary Cassatt .Young Mother in the Garden.

But only in 1840 the buggy fashion started.

Mary Cassat. In the garden

 The Queen Victoria, who was a mother of nine children, wanted to walk with her kids along the park personally and needed the buggy for the princes.

Lee Dubin. In Park.

 The first carriages were personalized and considered to belong to the richest class.

Grigoriy Musatov .Mother and Baby

 The most popular model was called Windsor.

Mary Cassat. In the garden

 But it was not comfortable at all; it was very high and unstable, it had no handles and it had to be pulled all the time.

Paul Gaugin

In 1877 the first baby carriage company was founded in Great Britain. It had the name “Silver Cross”

Degas. Buggy

Only after 1920 in USA some models of carriages appeared which had plastic and rubber parts instead of wooden and braided parts.

Albert Raudnitz. Collecting bluebells

The first carriages were presented to the single moms by the charity organizations.

Frederick Carl Frieseke «The Mother»