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“The childhood has a special scent…”by Richard Ramsey

A famous American photographer Richard Ramsey  is the owner of the studio called Ramsey Photography. He has lived in Tennessee over 40 years and more than 3 decades  he  has been in portrait photography.

Ramsey. Children

He’s one of the most talented and well-known photo-artist of Mid-South of United States.

ramsey flowers

First he works with photos and then creates the pictures in the oil-styled pictures or graphic sketches.

ramsey a young lady

He has received the title of “Photographer of the year “in his state for 13 times.

ramsey funny boy

Also he holds the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees.

ramsey baby)

He shares his knowledge having released the DVD with the lessons.

ramsey sad miss

It shows the transformation of two pictures form the photos to the paintings with easy steps and terms.

ramsey young Jentelman

His favourite models are children.

ramsey What's there?

Richard Ramsey devotes to them the most part of his time and photo series.

ramsey reading