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“The Flowers of Life” by Kathryn Andrews Fincher


Beautiful pictures of Kathryn Andrews Fincher have found the way to the hearts of people all over the world. Today she is one of the leading American painters, depicting children, landscapes, still-lives.



Her pictures may be found in the lithographs, calendars, books, greeting cards gift sets and musical boxes.

golden fish

They are painted in Romantic Realism style.


 The characters of her canvas are her children, her young neighbors and relatives.


When she was a child Kathryn started to show her paining skills and her mother, also the painter, tried to encourage her.

a girl with the rabbit

First the sport was put on the main place in the girl’s life.


But after giving birth to her children she devoted herself to the art.

a turtoisse

“I’m not interested to show unreal, perfect children, sitting straight, I want to capture the moment when a child involved in studying something new”-she says.

with the cat

Deep faith and boundless love to their children and a bright soul of Kathryn found the reflection in her works.


little Santa