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“The puppet show” by Winkler+Noah

a child like a doll

The photos we’ve offered you to see are amazing. It seems that these are beautiful dolls but it’s not so. Italian studio Winkler+Noah has made an interesting series of photos named ‘The Puppet Show‘. The authors want to say that children are not dolls, they are alive. They have their own thoughts and minds, their moods can be either good or bad. But we, grown-ups, often manipulate with our children, try to make them perfect. And Winkler+Noah studio’s statement is that “the best present we can give to children is to let them be children’. Every child is individual and we have to respect it. Enjoy these wonderful photos.

a blond girl like a doll

a boy like a puppet

a girl with long hair looking like a puppet

a beautiful girl like a doll

a little boy like a puppet

a boy looking like a puppet

a girl with a soft toy