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The series of photos “Excess” by Rebekka Gudleifsdottir

a girl, a huge spoon, a large bowl

Nowadays people eat much more food than our ancestors. There is a huge variety of different delicacies and every year we overuse carbohydrates. The artist Rebekka Gudleifsdottir has made a wonderful project “Excess” to show this problem, about excess in today’s society .When I saw these photos for the first time, I thought they were photoshoped. But to my surprise they weren’t. Rebekka has spent much time baking and cooking huge hamburgers and oversized portions of food. The whoke summer she spent preparing the decorations. For example, the glasses are large vases from Ikea, the ice cubes are made by freezing water in the big yogurt containers. The artist was called “the web’s top photographer” by the Wall Street Journal. The photos has turned out amazing.

a boy, a hamburger, a glass of soda

a girl, a big piece of cake, a huge glass of milk

a knife, a large plate of spaghetti, a girl

a huge glass of milk, large cakes, a boy