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Trash is Not Trash by Gaby Herbstein and Pablo Bernasconi

A girl looking through the telescope

These amazing images were made by Argentinian photographer Gaby Herbstein and illustrator Pablo Bernasconi. This whimsical series is called Trash is Not Trash and shows the importance of recycling. Talented children were working as models. All the decorations and costumes were created with the help of the recycled materials. This series was made for a 2011 calendar to leave an important message to future generations about our planet. The pictures gave come out incredible, they make people think about the problem.

A girl watering the flowers

Flying fish and a girl

A girl near a huge shell

A boy is fishing stars

A boy near a strange engine

A house creating clounds and a girl on the bike

A boy with a ball and robots

A girl like a designer

A boy with a bird

A girl on the swing