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Twin babies talking to each other in the kitchen

Two twin boys are having a very important conversation in the kitchen.

It is visible that they have a real conversation between each other. Sometimes they ask and give answers, decline something or tell jokes and laugh at them. It doesn’t matter that their vocabulary is not so rich yet, they still perfectly understand each other. It is such a fun to observe their emotional dialogue!

It is interesting what they are talking about. One of the boys shows to the other that he has lost his sock. Perhaps they are trying to find out where it is. Though their parents could specially dress one of the twins in one sock, just to distinguish one from another. It is possible that boys want to open the fridge and discuss how would be better to do it. Or they simply imitate the talk between their parents when the father came home wearing only one sock and the mother was telling him off.

These two never have a tedious time together!