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Underwater magic

A girl underwater

All of us have moments, which are timeless, and which we will remember for all our lives. The photo shooting underwater is one of such moments. We want to show you a cute series of photos, which have been made below the surface by a talented photographer Adam Opris. All these happy swimmers can motivate you to create your own shoots with your children. This process should be very fun and it will bring lots of joy. You will see that the kids can swim for a long time and you will be able to create magical photos. Have a nice day and be inspired. A girl making exercise underwater

A boy making faces below the surface

Boys playing baseball underwater

A little girl below the surface

A child wearing mask swiming underwater

A girl with a hula hoop underwater

A boy playing saxophone

a girl and a woman with fishtails

A girl cathcing butterflies underwater


A boy, playing soccer

A girl with blue and yellow stripes underwater

A woman and a baby

A baby swimming below the surface

A boy swimming underwater

A child wearing a knight costume underwater