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Wengenn in Wonderland

Russian dolls, snow, a baby

Chinese mother and photographer Queenie Liao has created a wonderful series of photos titled Wengenn in Wonderland.  She has already shot more than 100 photographs of her cute baby Wengenn who was only 3 months old when his first adventure picture was made. Liao creates beautiful scenes and fantastic landscapes around her sleeping baby using different household items. It seems that she paints her pictures. Her ideas are incredible. I think when Wengenn grows up he will be grateful for such an unusual album.

flowers, a baby, a teddy-bear

hearts, a teddy-bear, a table, candles, a baby

a moon, a witch, a baby, a pumpkin

a boat, a baby, clouds

a boy, a piano, notas, a sun, birds

Gulliver, baloons, little people, a baby

a snake, a jug, a pipe, a baby

Tarsan, a baby, a lion, a monkey

an owl, a moon, a tree, a baby