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Where Children Sleep by James Mollison

many toys, an asian girl

Kaya, 4, Tokyo

Kaya lives with her beloved parents. She has lots of toys. Her mother make’s Kaya’s dress herself, up to three a month.

James Mollison is an English photograph. He has spent  three years travelling around the world to make series of photos  titled “Where Children Sleep”. He was impressed with the difference between each child’s room.  James has edited the incredible book with the same title where he’s telling the story of every kid. 

a boy, a lamb, a dwelling

Bilal, 6, the West Bank

The boy’s family are Bedouin Arabs. They live in a one-roomed dwelling they’ve built themselves.

a girl, a dirty room

Indira, 7, Katmandu, Nepal

Indira sleeps on the mattress on the floor with her prother and sister. Her house has only one room. The girl works at a local granite quarry.

a japanese girl, a tea house

Risa, 15, Kyoto, Japan

Risa lives with 13 women in a tea house training to become a geisha.

a fat girl, a room, a ceiling falling apart

Alyssa, 8, Harlan County, Kentucky

The girl lives with her parents in Kentucky. The ceiling in their bedroom is falling apart.

a boy, three beds, blue sheets

Tzvika, 9, the West Bank

Tzvika lives in Beitar Illit, a gated community of 36,000 Orthodox Jews. He shares his room with one sister and two brothers.

a cell-like room, an Indian girl

Prena, 14, Katmandu, Nepal

Prena lives in a little cell-like room in the family where she works. she goes to school only three times a week.


Alex, 9, Rio de Janeiro

Alex doesn’t go to school, he begs in the street. Most of time he sleeps outside on an empty bench or a dirty sofa.