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Winter and Children

What a beautiful season winter! Everything outside is covered with snow, the sun is sparkling on it…


Though winter is the coldest time of a year. Winter babies have to wear a number of layers of clothes.



When the first snow falls down there are so many games appear. One of the most popular games is snowball fights. Sometimes it can be rather tough, but when all the participants of this game follow reasonable limits, if will bring only lots of fun.



Another popular game is making a snowman. It is a little time- and effort-taking, but the result worth it. Despite the three huge snowballs a real snowman should have a carrot-nose and a hat.



All the children derive much pleasure from sledging. What can be better than rushing down the hill in a sledge!



One more common children winter game is making snow angels  in the fresh snow. It is so simple that even the smallest  babies can do it.



When it is snowing one can try to catch snowflakes.



And there are not only hands to catch them…

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