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Wonderful paintings by John Philip Falter

a girl is sitting at the desk and looking at the vase of flowers. there is a photo on the desk

We offer you to view wonderful paintings by an American artist John Philip Falter (1910 -1982). He was a wonderful painter who painted a lot of portraits, more than forty books and many paintings for fine art galleries. He depicted the real life of American people. All his paintings are about happiness and sorrows of men, women and children. Some of his works are very funny. We hope you’ll like these paintings. Enjoy.

a boy is crying in the bathoom, a man and a woman are trying to open it

two boys are playing on the floor

a boy is hiding behind the arm chair

a boy is listening ti the sea shell and another boy has taken the costume of the knight

children and a woman and a man are downstairs. the re lookin at the kittens