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How to Have a Fit and Healthy Pregnancy

Whoever told you being fit and healthy while you’re pregnant is impossible lied to you. As I near the 37-week mark, some people have commented that it’s easy for me to work out and eat healthy because it’s my job.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Sure it may be a smidge easier than someone who doesn’t work out or eat healthy on a regular basis, but I’ve definitely had my ups and downs.

Being pregnant has been a learning experience unlike any other – mentally, physically and emotionally. For the first 16 weeks, saltines and Sierra Mist were my best friends. I slept a lot, and the last thing I wanted was to do any physical activity. Thankfully, it got much better during the second trimester, but I started to experience another downfall: pain in my lower back. I was finally excited about working out again, so it was a huge rain storm on my parade. I am now in the third trimester, and although my work outs are few and far between, I continue to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, taking it one day at a time. It’s all about finding a balance, and it’s something you can definitely achieve in your life as well.

1. Go at your own pace.

The moment you find out you’re pregnant is not the day to take up training for a marathon. Don’t worry about keeping up with your previous work out partners, either. As long as you’re cleared by your doctor, it is safe to continue working out as you were prior to getting pregnant. It’s very beneficial for both you and your baby, but keep it controlled. Don’t worry about hitting new PR’s (personal records). Be happy that you have the ability to work out at all. Bonus: It can help once you go into labor. Think endurance.

2. Listen to your body.

It’s important that you don’t overdo it. (See point No. 1.) If you feel like your body needs a day of rest, take one. Remember, you’re growing a human inside. It’s OK to take some time off. Feel like you have the energy to climb a mountain? Take advantage of the extra boost and hit the treadmill or lift some weights.

3. Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to eat at the buffet every day.

The average suggested weight gain for an average-size woman is 25 to 35 pounds – more for underweight women and less for overweight. The suggested amount of extra calories a day is 300. To give you an idea of how many calories you’re looking at, that’s about the size of a banana, an extra chicken breast and a half ounce of nuts. Not much. By all means, enjoy yourself every now and then because now is not the time to go on a diet, but keep in mind that the calories do add up quickly. You’ll be happier going through your pregnancy without putting on unwanted and unnecessary pounds.

4. Stay hydrated.

Pregnant women can have the same eating habits as a woman who isn’t pregnant – eating out of boredom, stress and dehydration, for example. Try to be mindful. If you notice yourself “hungry” only a half hour or hour within eating your last meal, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry, have a small snack but make it nutrient dense; fruits, vegetables and nuts are all great choices.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Part of being fit and healthy, in any aspect of life, is having a clear mindset. It can get overwhelming choosing car seats, doctors and paint colors. Breathe. It will all fall into place. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to bring a child into this world, and cherish every challenge you’re faced with. It will only make you stronger.

Hungry for more? Write to [email protected] with your questions, concerns and feedback.

Jolynn Toma has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, as well as an ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. She owns a private personal training studio in Illinois, specializing in strength training, cardio endurance and nutrition.

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Santa Claus and happy kids

Hi there! Today we want to show you a collection of amazing photos of children and Santa Claus. It is very positive and cute. These pictures are happiness and miracles. Santa Claus is a legendary figure and the children from all over the world are eager to meet him. They tell him all their wishes and dreams. And Santa promises to fulfil them all. The meeting with this magician people remember for all their lives. It’s so cute. We hope you’ll like these photos.

Santa Claus and happy kids

Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Cleaning Needs

Are vacuum cleaners different or are they all the same? That’s a good question. When you are looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you usually go to your local department store instead of vacuum specialty stores. Local department stores tend to have lower prices. They offer a fairly large selection of vacuum cleaners to choose from. There are ones that still use those dreadful vacuum bags, there’s hand held ones, car vacuums, and the newest type, the bag less wind tunnels.

Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Cleaning Needs

That is one of the most popular and best selling vacuum cleaners on the market right now. The prices greatly vary for vacuum cleaners. They range anywhere from $10 to well over $400 all depending on what size, type, and brand you decide to purchase When you are choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home, there are a few attributes that you may want to consider other than the name brand and the price.

Those are important too, but not as important as the following factors. The first thing you may want to consider is the type of vacuum cleaner you plan on purchasing. Be sure that the type of vacuum cleaner you choose works for your specific type of floor surface such as carpet, linoleum, ceramic tile, or hardwood floors.

The types include: Upright Vacuums, Canister Vacuums, Stick/Broom Vacuums, Handheld Vacuums For Pet Hair can be a major factor too. You should always test drive your new vacuum cleaner before purchasing it. Check how well it handles, the weight, and to see if it is comfortable for you to push across the floor whether it is a hard surface or carpeted floor. If you are an allergy sufferer you may want to check out vacuum cleaners with a High Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) filtration system on it to filter out all of the dust and pet dander that is sucked up in them.

Most vacuum cleaners have attachments for every cleaning occasion. If you are in need of attachments for specific cleaning jobs, you should be sure to find out if the vacuum you want to purchase includes them or if you will have to purchase them separately. The last but not least important thing to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the noise factor. Many people don’t like vacuum cleaners that are overly loud.

There are a lot of new types of vacuum cleaners out on the market these days that have insulated materials around the motors, almost sound proofing the vacuum’s noise. You may have thought the above factors were a lot to consider in order to just purchase a vacuum cleaner, but there is more to consider if you really want a vacuum that will fit your cleaning needs. You may want to consider how many amps the vacuum has. The amps are the amount of power that is being used by the motor.

Just because the amps may be higher in some vacuums than in others, that doesn’t mean one is more powerful than the other. You may want to look more closely at the filtration systems on many different models to determine which one will fit your needs. Their levels of filtration vary from a zero filtration all the way up to a sophisticated filtration. The zero filtration collects the dust in a bag. The sophisticated filtration uses filters to filter out pollen and particles less than 100 microns. These models tend to weigh on the pocket book, but are well worth the extra money especially if you or your family members have allergies.

You may want a vacuum with a long cord, so that should be one of the attributes that you should look for in order to be able to effectively clean your house. Do you want the vacuum to be plastic or metal? A metal one may be heavier, but also more durable. There are many different extras that many people over look when choose the perfect vacuum such as the edge cleaner. This allows you to clean in tight edges such as corners or the base where the floor meets the wall. Also the headlights on the front base of the vacuum.

This is really just to make the machine look sharp and really does you any good unless you live in a dark home. These are all very helpful ways in choosing the perfect vacuum for you home. It may seem like a big hassle to go to the store and search for all the specifics that you may need or even want on your vacuum, but it is fairly easy.

Each box tells exactly what it contains, and if you are online, you can easily do a search at your favorite store’s website to find all the features that a particular vacuum contains. Also when you go to the store to purchase your vacuum, you can ask the salesman for help and to show you the best one that they offer in your price range. You’re sure to find the best vacuum cleaner to fit all of your cleaning needs.

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Top 6 Breastfeeding Benefits

Even today, there are new mothers who are not aware of the so many breastfeeding benefits of breastfeeding, as it is a known scientific fact that breast milk is the best for your baby. This is not to say that one should breastfeed at all costs, however it is important to know about the advantages breastfeeding has to offer before you decide upon the matter. This short article is meant to introduce to you only some of the breastfeeding benefits to destroy whatever doubts you may still have.

The first of all breastfeeding benefits would be that breast milk consists of all the nutritious components that your baby needs, assuming, of course that you eat right and include enough protein, iron etc. in your diet.

Breast milk consists of all antibodies that will protect your baby from infections and diseases. These are only two of the most important breastfeeding benefits there are.

Among the numerous breastfeeding benefits, breast milk is also known to make the emotional bond between you and your baby stronger. As your baby is being fed directly from your body, he looks into your eyes, you hold his little hand, his body is attached to yours… What can bring you closer together than this?…

Breastfed babies are known to be much healthier than formula-fed babies; they suffer less from obesity, diebetes and allergies, and have better brain development and intelligence.

And do not forget that breast milk does not cost a thing! Moreover, you can go anywhere, already carring the food on you, no need to care for bottles or hot water.

Breastfeeding Benefits for you

Finally, you may be surprised, but your baby is not the only one who benefits from breatfeeding; researches show that breastfeeding can also reduce the chance for breast cancer.

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Top 4 Breastfeeding Positions

There are 4 common breastfeeding positions for you and your baby to try and choose the one that will be the most comfortable and useful of all. You may also find each of them to be practical in different situations; For instance, some breastfeeding positions could be easier to use in public, some when you are too tired to get up from bed, or after a c-section.

The most familiar of all breastfeeding positions is called “the cradle hold”- your baby’s back is lying above your forearm, when your elbow “crook” is supporting his neck and head. For this position there is less need for a breastfeeding pillow, therefore it is especially easy to be used outdoors.

More breastfeeding positions for you to test are “The cross cradle hold” and “the football hold”. The first is recommended mostly for babies with weaker sucking who find it difficult to stay connected to the breast. Of all breastfeeding positions, it provides the greatest support for the baby’s head, as the palm of your hand holds his neck. Basically, it is very similar to the cradle hold, only now the supporting hand would be the opposing one to the breast in use.

The second one, “the football hold,” is mostly common in situations of c-sections or in twins’ labor. Whereas In most breastfeeding positions the baby’s body is facing yours, here it is lying on your side, leaving the cut of the c-section protected and untouched, and room for a second baby on your other side. Moreover, out of all breastfeeding positions, this posture is the only one in which his face (and not his body) is facing yours, forming the greatest and nicest eye contact between you and your baby.

The last of the 4 breastfeeding positions is referred to as “the side-lying” position- this position is extra special as it permits you to keep on sleeping while breastfeeding… your baby is lying on his back next to you while you’re lying on your side, each body facing the other. In my opinion this is the most fun and bonding position, however the least safe and extra caution should be taken not to unintentionally squeeze the baby’s body!

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Gifts For New Babies Don’t Have To Be Expensive!

Individuals that want to celebrate a new life often spend a lot of time on the internet and in stores looking for gifts for new babies. These can be some of the most exciting gifts to buy because you are celebrating a new life and a lovely bundle of joy that is pure and new. But, for many, it can still be difficult to find the perfect gifts for new babies and it may even become frustrating after you spend countless of hours looking for the perfect gift.

One idea that people might want to consider when looking for gifts for new babies might be a gift basket. These are generally arranged by the companies that you would like to purchase them from and they can be found online at various websites.

But, you might be able to make your own little gift set. These gifts for new babies would include an onesie, a baby hat, baby shoes and even a nice little baby photo album. Once these things are purchased they are placed inside of a little basket that can be kept for future items.

Another idea that many individuals may want to consider when purchasinggifts for new babies includes personalized baby blankets. These are great since they will be used for a very long time. It can even be passed on to other individuals as keepsakes and family heirlooms. Many people consider gifts for new babies similar to this because they know that they will be used and appreciated for years to come.

Something that one needs to consider is that gifts for new babies do not need to be expensive or outlandish. You can actually find really nice gifts for new babies at really great prices if you just spend some time planning.

Think about what you the new or expecting parents may need in order to make their lives easier. What will they need that they may not have thought about? Of course, you can also sign up for some free baby stuff! It is very popular now days and useful.

And remember, whatever you choose to buy or do for the expecting new parents, always be sure you are purchasing something that will be useful to the family and the baby. It will definitely make gifts for new babies much more enjoyable!

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Breastmilk Storage Do It Right

In case you have made the decision to breastfeed your baby, it won’t be long until you need to consider breastmilk storage.

This option will get very important for you when you will leave your baby with another care giver, or even just hand it over to your partner’s responsibility in order to sleep the whole night through.

Important details about breastmilk storage

It can be kept in sealable bottles or sterile bags.

In room temperature for:

  • 4-6 hours in 25c (air conditioned room, summer time)
  • 8-10 hours in 20c
  • 10-24 hours in 15c

Breastmilk storage in the refrigerator:

  • For about 3-5 days (in the summer) but never more than a week (in the winter). It needs to be kept in a close hermetic plastic bag or bottles and not in the refrigerator’s door but deep inside.

Breastmilk storage in the freezer:

  • For 3-4 months
  • For 6 months in deep freezer (external freezer)

When defrosting breastmilk, keep it in the fridge and use it during the following 24 hours. If you need to worm it, put the bottle under hot streaming water (up to 60c).

What NOT to do when handling breastmilk storage

  • Defrost or heat in the microwave
  • Boil or cook your breastmilk (this is ruin all nutritious values)
  • Freeze again defrosted milk
  • Re-heat breastmilk

You may add breastmilk to existing milk in the refrigerator, however let it cool first, not to spoil the older milk. Remember though that you will need to use it following the expiration date of the older milk. It is a bit harder to keep track on the date this way…

Tip 1: Know your breastmilk! Smell it and taste it. This is the only way to know if it has gotten spoiled.

Tip 2: store your breastmilk in small amounts because once you bottle- feed your child with breastmilk and he/she doesn’t finish the bottle, you will not be able to reuse it. This is due to the fact that breastmilk gets bacterias very fast (and faster than milk substances!).

6 Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy Weight featured image

6 Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy Weight

Karen Cooper, DO, who authored this post, is an avid exerciser, a wellness advocate, and a sought-after media expert on the topic of obesity.

So you’re pregnant — and excited about the new baby on board. But pregnancy comes with questions, and in my experience, some of the biggest questions center around weight gain.

I’ve written before about the myths of pregnancy and weight and about the health problems associated with excessive weight gain during pregnancy, from diabetes to high blood pressure. There are plenty of reasons why you should maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. But how do you do it?

Start with these six tips to keep your weight on track — for a healthy you and a healthy baby.

Karen Cooper, DO (Women’s Health Institute)

1. Know your BMI

Your doctor will guide you to gain the appropriate amount of weight based on your body mass index (BMI). For example, if you are within the normal range (BMI of 19–24), you will be advised to gain 25 to 35 pounds. If you are overweight (BMI of 25–29), you should gain 15 to 25 pounds. And if you are obese (BMI of 30 or more), then your weight gain should range from 11 to 20 pounds. Once you know the proper range, you can work to keep yourself within it.

2. Watch your portion sizes

Keep portions to one serving size — based on food labels and recipes — and increase your protein content to stay fuller between meals. Protein is necessary not only for your baby’s growth and development but also for maintaining even levels of blood glucose throughout the day. Good sources of protein include greek yogurt, low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, fish, chicken, eggs and lean meat.

3. Hydrate, then hydrate some more

Drink 10 to 11 glasses of water per day. It is easy to confuse hunger with thirst, and satisfying your thirst will help prevent you from eating too much. In general, your water intake should be slightly increased during pregnancy.

4. Keep yourself moving

Unless you are on bed rest, do some form of low-impact exercise daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Brisk walking, swimming, yoga and strengthening exercises are all appropriate during pregnancy, with your doctor’s permission.

5. Curb your cravings

If your cravings are getting the best of you, try to limit portions to one serving size at a time. Better yet, search for lower-calorie alternatives. If you have non-food cravings — such as ice, baking soda, chalk or paper — report them to your doctor immediately. These often indicate a nutrient deficiency that may be harmful.

6. Seek help

Losing and maintaining weight are hard tasks for anyone, but the cravings of pregnancy can make them even harder. Consider meeting with a dietitian early during your pregnancy for guidance on limiting excessive calories and finding healthy alternatives to high-calorie foods. A little expert help can go a long way toward a good nutrition plan.


Best Breastfeeding Advice featured image

Best Breastfeeding Advice

When new mothers make the decision to breastfeed they may be nervous and apprehensive about it. If you are a breastfeeding new mom, you may benefit from some basic breastfeeding advice in order to help make this experience more enjoyable for both you and your baby. This article will provide some valuable breastfeeding advice to follow in order to make breastfeeding a success.

Breastfeeding advice no. 1

The first thing that you will want to do is finding a position that is comfortable for you and your baby. This is one of the most important parts of breastfeeding advice that can be given. There are at least four different positions that can be attempted in order to ensure that your baby is latching on and getting enough breast milk. You will need to find the one that works the best for you and your child.

Breastfeeding advice no. 2

My second breastfeeding advice will be selecting a comfortable chair with plenty of pillows and support for your arms. You also want to be certain that your feet are elevated so that you are not bending towards the baby while he or she is feeding.

More breastfeeding advice includes holding your breast while your baby is eating. It is common knowledge that your breasts will get larger and heavier during the lactation process. You will want to use your free hand to support your breast during feeding to keep your baby’s nostrils open for air.

Another key point that is mentioned when you research breastfeeding advice is making sure that your fingers are not near your nipple. You do not want your child sucking on your finger rather than the nipple…

Good breastfeeding advice will also tell many new moms to try different feeding holds and patterns when they breastfeed. This will also help ensure that the breast ducts will not get clogged. Each feeding position will put pressure on different areas of your nipple. This will help to keep all of the ducts working and flowing, decreasing pain for you and increasing feeding for your baby.

And if it gets hard, and you feel you want to give up, remember that you are not alone and that most new mothers go through the same difficulties that you experience with your breastfeeding. You can always have a breastfeeding consultant over at your home to help you and give you some more breastfeeding advice!

5 Tips on Pregnancy Diet Plan: What to Eat and What Not to Eat? featured image

5 Tips on Pregnancy Diet Plan: What to Eat and What Not to Eat?

Do you get afraid every time you want to drink or eat something that you would hurt your fetus? It’s time for you to know some more about your pregnancy diet plan. Every pregnant woman should do what’s best for her baby but in order to do so she first must take care of herself. How could you make sure you are doing everything right? Here are some leading tips.

  • First and foremost, try to avoid raw food. This includes raw fish like sushi, rare meat, uncooked or partially cooked eggs, etc.
  • Second, iron is very important for the development of your fetus. So make sure you consume enough beef and if necessary complete your iron level with vitamins and food additives.
  • In every pregnancy diet plan, alcohol and cigarettes are pretty much off limits. Yes, nothing drastic would happen if you were to have one or two glasses of wine during the week, but try not to push it. Babies born to alcoholic mothers or mothers who consumed many cigarettes a day are known to be smaller and less developed in some ways.

Water, water and even more water! You can never have enough of water, it is important not only for your health but also when the body doesn’t get enough to drink, contractions may start when it is really not the time for them yet…
Always be in touch with your doctor about your pregnancy diet plan for he is the most authorized person to tell you what to exclude and include in your dieting habits.
There is much more to discuss about pregnancy diet plan, nevertheless it is also crucial for you to remember to relax, rest in any chance you get and always be positive and happy!


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