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Santa Claus and happy kids featured image

Santa Claus and happy kids

Hi there! Today we want to show you a collection of amazing photos of children and Santa Claus. It is very positive and cute. These pictures are happiness and miracles. Santa Claus is a legendary figure and the children from all over the world are eager to meet him. They tell him all their wishes […]

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Twins dancing to the guitar featured image

Twins dancing to the guitar

In this video there are two wonderful girls dancing in their high chairs. The music is performed by their father. Two little girls dancing These two beauties are 11- month old twin sisters. It is visible that they are already cooperating with each other despite being so small. When their daddy started playing they first […]

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Teach Children About Dental Care From an Early Age featured image

Teach Children About Dental Care From an Early Age

When was the last time your kids saw the dentist? Are they brushing and flossing regularly? Dental care is important, even from a very early age, and neglecting your kids’ oral health can cause many painful and sometimes permanent problems. Here are a few points to consider. Start early I’ve known too many parents who […]

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