How to Buy Cheap Baby Cribs: 5 Steps for a New Parent

You can buy cheap baby cribs that offer just as many features and reliability as other models. The key is to be willing to buy used and prepared to put in some time and effort in reviewing each crib before making the purchase. You can lose your money if you are not careful when buying second hand. However, you can save hundreds of dollars when you learn how to buy cheap baby cribs from second hand stores, private sellers and other sources.

How to Buy Cheap Baby Cribs: 5 Steps for a New Parent

Step 1: Know What you Want

Come up with a few models you really like. If you are not sure, then create a list of features and requirements that you are looking for in a crib. Prioritize this list and divide it into two categories: one for must-have features and one for would-like features. Make sure you consider models that include everything you require and let the would-like features be a selling point. You can be flexible when you buy cheap baby cribs when it comes to specific models. Just make sure the crib offers all the things you need.

Step 2: Start Making the Rounds

Persistence is important as you begin to make the rounds. This means reviewing each day’s classifieds ads as well as planning regular visits to local second hand stores. By staying on top of current available models, you can watch for changes and catch great deals as they come. The best deals go fast, because other parents are doing the same thing. So make sure you stay ahead of the game if you really want to buy cheap baby cribs.

Step 3: Before Making the Buy

If you are ready to buy cheap baby cribs and have found one you really like, make sure you scrutinize it well. Go over your list and make sure all your must-haves are included. Note which would-likes are also included, the more the better! This should also be reflected in the selling price. The more would-likes the model includes, the more you should be willing to pay. Also check the condition of the crib. This is extremely important when buying second hand, no matter where you are purchasing it from. Look for wear and tear that could impact the reliability and stability of the crib. Never buy cheap baby cribs that are not safe or structurally sound.

Step 4: Look for Additional Savings

Before you finalize the sale, look for any other ways to save. Cosmetic damage could help you convince the seller to lower the price further. Look for anything, even a small nick could take a few dollars or more off of the sale price. These should be imperfections that do not affect the functionality of the crib, but rather just the appearance. Even if you are a carpenter or some other skill that would allow you to repair the cosmetic damage easily, you should still make sure this is included in the price.

Step 5: Any Last Questions?

Now that you have a price and are ready to buy cheap baby cribs, make sure you have received answers to all your questions. You should have asked about the items history and use. If you think of anything else, ask before paying. In most cases, these sales may be final, especially when dealing with a private seller.