How to Clean Hardwood Floors

There’s nothing more beautiful than clean and polished hardwood floors. They can transform almost any room, giving it a contemporary, more polished, and open look. If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking their best, there are various guidelines to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining them. Here’s how to correctly clean hardwood floors:

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

The cleaning process

When cleaning hardwood floors, it’s important to remember that water is the enemy to beautiful wood flooring. Why? Water can filter down into the floorboards and cause the wood to warp. The best way to clean your wood floors on a routine basis is remove the superficial debris with a vacuum cleaner using a soft brush. Once the loose debris and dust has been removed, use a dry damp mop to gently go over the surface of your hardwood floors. Be careful to remove all grit as this can cause scratches on your beautiful wood floors when people walk over it. There’s really no need to invest in expensive hardwood floor cleaners. A mild, low pH cleanser should be sufficient and much less costly. Plan on cleaning your hardwood floors about once every ten days if your floors undergo normal day to day traffic.

Should you wax or polish your hardwood floors?

After completing the cleaning process, you’ll want to reassess. Do your hardwood floors look bright and shiny? If they still look dull despite your best efforts at cleaning, you may want to consider applying a light coating of wax or polish. This can add an extra dimension of beauty to your hardwood floors that will be worth the extra effort.

Removing tough stains

If your water your neutral pH soap and water won’t remove a stain from your wood floor, you may be able to remove certain stains such as heel marks with mineral spirits and a damp cloth. Deeper stains may require removal of part of the floor finished using course grit sandpaper. This will also require a touch up to replace the finish you removed.

Preventing future problems

The best way to preserve your hardwood floors is to take precautions to protect them on a daily basis. Quickly wipe up spills and remove water from the floor immediately. Limit exposure of your wood floors to shoes and pet toenails which can cause heel marks and scratches. Protective mats may help protect your floors in this respect. Limit exposure to sunlight which may alter the color of your hardwood floors. Maintain a humidity level between 45% and 60% throughout the year to protect your wood flooring.

By knowing how to clean your hardwood floors and taking some precautions to protect their surface on a day to day basis, you can enjoy the beautiful of your wood flooring for many years to come.